High Five there Coach Ali! - Stan

"Being active is very important to a PD (Parkinson's Diagnosed) & guided activity is essential in providing me as a PD the activity I need to put off the advancement of Parkinson's. That's why I opted to train with Coach Geymer; she creates unique programs for each session that challenge & prepare me to deal with my balance, strength, stamina & other issues being a PD & that keeps me in the driver's seat & Parkinson's in my rear view mirror."

MV, Denton, TX

Telehealth makes my care more accessible to me! I am able to work on strengthening, endurance training and flexibility as well as balance exercises and even my cognition! The Brain PT provides excellent one-on-one care in the comfort of my own home. Thank you!


Overall, I think the telehealth experience is an extremely convenient method to interact with a healthcare provider and allows for a quality interaction that in my experience has been very interactive. Seems odd, but I feel like I was able to ask a lot more questions than an in person appointment and was more comfortable and engaged during the appointment. Also the technology is getting better every year with platforms like Zoom that are really very easy and intuitive to use. In my experience I have been able to ask more questions during an online appointment rather than an in person appointment. It's also considerably less expensive in some cases. The support staff have also been great in sending appointment links for the meeting that pop up in your email and calendar. Overall, it's super easy to use the technology for a telehealth visit.