Telehealth Physical Therapy
for Brain and Body
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Our Mission:


To increase access to Brain Changing knowledge and expert Brain and Body rehab and overall health and wellness.

Technology has made it easier to access the care you need. You can now consult a Brain or Body Movement Specialist wherever you are, from the comfort of your own home. 


  • Research-based Wellness Plan to Thrive with Parkinson's

    1 hr 30 min

Natural Medicine

Rates and Insurance Info

All telehealth sessions are Fee-for-Service 

The current medical environment is quick to tell us that when we are broken or have a chronic condition, we can only be fixed by pills, shots or surgery. At The Brain PT, we know your brain and body have the amazing ability to heal themselves, to adapt and to survive in any environment so we work towards understanding your brain and body and what it needs to thrive from a holistic method.

The path back to our healthiest self is not through canned approaches and outdated methods, such as rest, repeating the same old non-challenging exercises and waiting for an "incident" such as a fall or worsening of function to seek out care . This one-dimensional strategy is rampant in traditional, third-party-pay physical therapy practices – you’ll soon see our tactics are very different!

The Brain PT is a private-pay, or fee-for-service, telehealth physical therapy and wellness practice. If you are a Medicare benificiary, and it becomes evident that you would benefit from in person care, we do have a sister clinic and/or mobile concierge practice that IS in network providers for Medicare. Unfortunately, Medicare does not yet provide reimbursement for telehealth care. 

Although we do not take in-network insurance, we do offer Superbills after every session for you to obtain out-of-network reimbursement and submit payment towards your deductible. Actual rate of reimbursement depends on your particular plan. In addition, we accept all FSA and HSA cards so that you can utilize the benefits given to you from your health coverage while still receiving superior care. We highly recommend downloading the form below to help you figure out and understand your physical therapy benefits. Want help submitting your bills? We have an App to help!